May 23, 2011


Our thoughts and prayers for the people of the Midwest for all the tragic devastating damage and loss of life.  This has been a terrible year for tornado's and many people have suffered.... please pray for their strength to get through these horrible days to come.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday.  Hope you will all stay safe.....

May 21, 2011

New Items

Good Morning All!

Here are some new creations I will be adding to my picture trail and to Etsy.  If you have a minute. stop over and take a look!  I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.... Going over to spend some time with my Mom today.  She is 88 years old and not getting around like she use to and she's not very happy about that.  She says it's awful when your body is 88 and your mind thinks your 40...... Funny I feel like that too!!!!!!  What about you??????

May 19, 2011

Good News!

Well I got my good news..... And I am so excited and nervous at the same time.  I just hope I can handle all the work between making things for the shop in Dade City and my booth In Oviedo, but I know I will because I just love what I do.  I hope I can continue this journey for a long time to come, financially speaking, after be a working professional for over 35 years and running other people's business's and now starting mine.  There are a lot of things to think about but If I don't try I will never know if I can.  I have wanted to do this for years and at this stage of life it's now or never.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Until Next Time!


May 18, 2011

Favorite Little Things

Favorite Little Things

Don't you just love your favorite little things.  I'm not talking about the important things......such as family, friends, home,nature......just little things that you like tucked in a little bowl that when you pass by....... it brings a smile to your day! 

I hope all of you find your favorite little things!!!!!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me.  I hope my good news comes soon!  I will let you know.

Have a happy day!

Until Next Time!


May 17, 2011

Hi Everyone...... This has been such a lovely day in Florida.  The weather has been a little cooler thank heavens.  We have been in such a hot pattern (yeah I know it Florida) but for May it's been hot.  I worked a little in my gardens this morning planting Sunflower seeds.  Don't you just love them they make me smile..........

 We lost our wonderful Woody last week is was around 16 years old a Main coon just the sweetest cat.  So over his resting place I planted Sunflowers since he so looked forward to being in the yard in the shade.  Funny how quite the house seems with him gone even though he wasn't a very verbal cat.  He just was a special friend.......  The other 2 cats we have are missing him too!  There will never be another Woody...... Rest in Peace big fellow until me meet again!!!!  On a happier note some news has come my way of maybe another potential customer.  We will see how it works out!  I hope you all are having a joyous day!

 Do something nice for yourself and plant Sunflowers!